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She worked very hard, _______she passed all her exams. A. because B. and C. so D. but


TOPIC : COMPLEX SENTENCES :E1 : Choose the best answer1. Mai worked hard, ______ she passed her exam .

a. so b. although c. because d. though

2. _____ she was very tired, she helped her brother with his homework .a. Because b. whether c. Although c. so3. It’s raining hard, _____ we can’t go to the beach .a. or b. but c. so d. though4. Nam was absent from class yesterday ____ he felt sick .a. so b. because c. although d. but5. Tom has a computer, _____ he doesn’t use it .a. or b. as because d. but6. The boy can’t reach the shelf ____ he’s not tall enough .a. because b. although c. even though d. and7. The film was boring, ____ we went home .a. so b. when c. but c. if8. The girl bought the shoes _____ they are very expensive .a. but b. if c. so d. although9. He used to smoke a lot ______ now he doesn’t smoke any more .a. still b. therefore c. but d. as10. She couldn’t unlock it ______ she had the wrong key .a. while b. but c. though d. because11. ____ it rained, the boys played football .a. Even b. Even though c. However d. In spite of12. It was still painful, ____ I went to see a doctor .a. so b. however c. but d. or13. Lan likes oranges _____ her sister doesn’t .a. but b. as c. so because14. Nam failed the final exam _____ he was lazy .a. while b. though c.because d. but15. He’s tired _____ he stayed up late watching TV .a. and b. or c. if d. since16. Jim can speak English _____ French fluently .a. also b. but also c. and d. so17. _______ the traffic, I arrived on time .a. Though b. Although b. Even though d. In spite of18. ______ they live near us, we can see them very often .a. So b. As c. Though d. Even19. ______ I was really tired, I couldn’t sleep .a. If b. Although c. While D. However20. We watched TV the whole evening ______ we had nothing better to do .a. because b. though c. so d. but21. It’s cheap. _____, I don’t like it .a. and b. because c. so d. however22. ______ it was late, I decided to phone Brian .a. Despite b. However c. In spite of d. Though23. The little boy was hungry ______ he ate nothing .a. although b. so c. but d. and24. ______ the car was cheap, it was in good condition .a. Although b. Because c. As d. If25. ______ tomorow is a public holiday, all the shops will be shut .a. As b. Just as c. Although d. When26. She came in _____ turned on the radio .a. so b. and c. or d. but27. We didn’t go for a walk _____ it was very cold .a. though b. because c. but d. so28. ______ I tried to persuade her, I didn’t succeed .a. Because b. So c. Although d. However29. Lan woke up late _____ she didn’t have time for breakfasta. so b. since c. as d. though30. I like fish ____ I don’t like catching them myself .a. or b. but c. so d. and31. He had an accident ____ he was careful .a. even though b. because c. so d. since32. _____ it was raining, I went swimming .a. So b. Because c. However d. Although33. Ann felt ill, ____ she insisted on going to work .a. though b. so c. and d. but34. _____ I felt tired, I went to bed early .a. Although b. So c. As d. However35. _____ he’s got an English name, he is German .a. Although b. However c. Because d. Since36. They decided not to go out for a meal _____ they were too tired .a. so b. because c. but d. if37. We were the better team ____ we lost the match .

a. so b. and c. but d. because

38. Keith decided to give up his job ____ I advised him not toa. because b. however c. although d. since39. ______ we were in town, we often met him .a. For b. Although C. So d. When40. She didn’t get the job ____ she had all the necessary qualifications .a. because b. although c. so d. but41. I could not eat ____ I was very hungry .a. even though b. in spitec. despite d. in spite the fact that42. In spite _____, the baseball game was not cancelled .a. the rain b. of the rainc. it was raining d. there was a rain43. ______ he had enough money, he refused to buy a new car .a. In spite b. In spite of c. Despite d. Although44. ______, he walked to the station .a. Despite being tired b. Although to be tiredc. In spite being tired d. Despite tired45. The children slept well, despite _____a. it was noise b. the noise c. of the noise d. noisy46. She left him __________ she still loved him .a. even if b. even though c. in spite of d. despite47. _______ her lack of hard work, she was promoted .a. In spite b. Even though c. in spite of d. despite of48. _______ they are brothers, they do not look like .a. Although b. Even c. Despite d. In spite of49. We are concerned with the problem of energy resouces ________ we must also think of our environment .a. despite b. though c. as though d. but50. ______ some Japanese women are successful in business, the majority of Japanese companies are run by men .a. But b. Even if c. If d. As though51. The team played on in spite of the raina. even if b. if c. in case d. despite52. … … … … .. the storm, the ship couldn’t reach its destination on time .A. In case of B. In spite ofC. Because of D. But for52. He was offered the job … … …. he had no experience .A. even though B. despite C. while D. however53. We postponed the picnic … … … … … … … … …A. because it is raining heavily B. because of the raining heavilyC. because the heavily rain it was D. because it was raining heavily54. … … … her severe pain, she tried to walk to the auditorium to attend the lecture .A. Although B. Despite C. though D. In spite55. She went to bed early … … … .. she felt tired .A. although B. despite C. because D. because of56. I couldn’t read the letter … … … .. the darkness .A. despite B. in spite of C. because of D. because57. The boys were punished ————– they made many mistakes. A. in spite of B. becauseC. even though D. as if58 ————– the liberation of women, women can take part in social activities. A. Because B. Thanks to C. While D. As59. Despite feeling cold, we kept walking. A. Although we felt cold, but we kept walkingB. Although we felt cold, we kept walking C. However cold we felt, but we kept walkingD. However we felt cold, we kept walking60. She decided to leave her job in the company ———— she could earn a lot of money there. A. because B. althoughC. despite D. since61. The children laughed a lot because of the funny story. A. The children laughed because the story is funny .B. The children laughed because of the story funny C. The children laughed because it was funny .D. The children laughed because the story was funny62. Although he took a taxi, Bill still arrived late for the concert. A. Bill arrived late for the concert because he takes a taxi. B. Bill arrived late for the concert because of the taxi .C. In spite of taking a taxi, Bill arrived late for the concert. D. Although Bill took a taxi he can’t come to the concert on time .63. The flight was delayed ————– the fog .A. in spite of B. because of C. though D. since64. Hong didn’t participate in the contest ————– her lack of confidence. A. because B. because of C. since D. despite65. He hid that letter in a draw ————– no one could read it. A. so that B. because C. although D. in spite of66. ————– Tom was unable to see anything, he knew some one was in his room. A. Because B. In case C. If D. Even though67. ————– other workers ’ constant objection, the director dismissed the worker. A. Because B. Because of C. Although D. In spite of68. The mother got angry because ————–. A. her son behaved badly B. her son’s bad behaviorC. her son will behave badly D. her son bad behaving69. He lost his job ————– his laziness. A. due to B. in spite of C. despite D. because70. She is looking for a new job ————– she is tired of doing a routine job day after day. A. since B. as C. because D. all are correct71. She was so busy that she couldn’t answer the phone .A. Because she was very busy, she couldn’t answer the phone. B. Because she was very busy, she could answer the phone. C. Although she was very busy, she couldn’t answer the phone. D. Although she was very busy, she could answer the phone .72. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t open the door .

A. Although I tried very hard, I couldn’t open the door.

B. Although I tried very hard, I could open the door .C. In spite of I tried very hard, I couldn’t open the door .D.I couldn’t open the door, even though trying very hard .

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