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Name Image Origin Description American sub Quiznos sub sandwich.jpg United States Traditionally uses sliced turkey breast, ham, roast beef, American or cheddar cheese, chopped or shredded lettuce, tomatoes and green peppers on a roll of bread. Bagel toast Bagel toast Israel Pressed, toasted bagel filled with vegetables and cheese and grilled on a sandwich toaster or panini press. Bánh mì[5] Bánh mì thịt nướng.png Vietnam Filling is typically meat, but can contain a wide range of foods, including sardines, tofu, pâté, or eggs. Served on an airy baguette with pickled carrots, cilantro and peppers. Barros Jarpa Barros jarpa 01.jpg Chile Ham and cheese, usually mantecoso, which is similar to farmer cheese. Beirute Beirute sande.jpg Brazil Melted cheese, sliced fresh tomatoes with oregano, lettuce leaves, roast beef on pita bread with mayonnaise. BLT BLT sandwich (1).jpg United States
Canada Named for its ingredients: bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Often served on toasted sliced bread spread with mayonnaise. Bocadillo Lomo con cebolla y pimientos.JPG Spain Baguette bread with some variants of filling, often eaten in cafes and tapas bars. Bratwurst Rostbratwurstbrot.png Germany A popular street food in Germany, often served on a roll with mustard in which case it is a sandwich. Some vendors offer a side dish of sauerkraut or french fries. British Rail United Kingdom Reference to the poor quality of catering on the now-defunct British Rail, this refers to any poor-quality sandwich, often stale. Butifarraes] Butifarra del Perú.jpg Peru (Lima) Boiled ham with salsa criolla and cilantro or lettuce. Bun kebab Kebab bun 01.jpg India and Pakistan Consists of a shallow-fried, spicy patty, onions, and chutney or raita in a hamburger or hot dog bun. Carrozza Starters 06.jpg Italy Breaded and fried mozzarella sandwich. Caviar Salmon caviar.jpg Russia Open sandwich made of white bread with butter and roe, sometimes decorated with fresh parsley. Cemita CemitaSandwich2.JPG Mexico Sliced avocado, meat, white cheese, onions, and red sauce (salsa roja), on a fluffy sesame-seeded egg roll, originally from the city of Puebla. Cheese Grilled cheese with soup.jpg Global (Such As Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, The Americas) Made with one or more varieties of cheese, often with other ingredients, such as butter or mayonnaise. When toasted (pictured), it is commonly referred to as a grilled cheese sandwich. Cheesesteak PatsCheesesteak.jpg Pennsylvania/United States (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Thinly sliced steak and melted cheese in a hoagie roll, with additional toppings often including peppers, onions, and mushrooms, also known as a Philadelphia or Philly cheesesteak. Chicken ChickFilA-ChickenSandwich.jpg United States
Global Chicken sandwich can contain chicken cooked in a variety of ways. In the United States, common forms of chicken sandwiches include the grilled chicken breast sandwich, the fried chicken breast sandwich, the chicken salad sandwich, and the shredded (or barbeque) chicken sandwich. Chicken salad Chicken salad sandwich 01.jpg Global (Such As United States) Sandwich prepared with chicken salad as a filling. Chicken schnitzel Chicken Schnitzel Roll.jpg Australia, New Zealand and Austria Sandwich of crumbed, pan-fried chicken fillet, on buttered bread, with shredded iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise. An adaptation of the Austrian or Viennese schnitzel sandwich, which consists of crumbed pork, veal or chicken schnitzel on a Semmel or kaiser roll with mayonnaise or mustard and shredded lettuce. See also Cutlet sandwich, Italian. Chickpea salad[9][10] Chickpea salad sandwich - 01.jpg United States
Israel Chickpea salad is a vegan sandwich filling with a texture similar to tuna salad. Chickpea salad consists of mashed up chickpeas, onions, and other seasonings. Some versions also include tuna.[11] Chimichurris Dominican Republic Ground beef, chicken, or pork leg served on pan de agua and garnished with cabbage and salsa rosa. Chipped beef United States (Mid-Atlantic region and military cuisine) Sandwich prepared with thinly sliced or pressed salted and dried beef. Some chipped beef is smoked to add flavor. Chivito Chivito1.jpg Uruguay Filet mignon with mozzarella, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and commonly bacon, black or green olives, fried or hardboiled eggs, and ham Chocolate Mexico Rye bread, butter and chocolate shot or sprinkles (fine small chocolate candies). Churrasco Churrasco 01.jpg Chile Thinly cut steak, grilled and served on a toasted bun. It can be served with almost any other ingredient, in which case its name changes to “churrasco+the new ingredient” (e.g.: churrasco palta = churrasco and avocado). Chutney Sandwich India A street-style sandwich from Bombay involving white bread, potatoes, cucumbers, coriander chutney, tomatoes, and onions. May be served grilled or cold. Continental Australia Bread roll with cheese, Italian cold cut meat such as mortadella and salami and pickled condiments. Croque-madame Croque Madame, Paris July 6, 2011 (cropped).jpg France Same as a croque-monsieur, but with a fried egg on top. Cucumber Flickr bitboy 204619671--Cucumber sandwiches with tea.jpg United Kingdom Two thin slices of crustless, lightly buttered white bread, containing paper-thin slices of peeled cucumber. Often as a tea sandwich. Cudighi United States (England) Spicy cudighi (a Michigan variety of Cotechino Italian sausage), on a long, hard roll, often topped with mozzarella and [[tomato sauce] Curried Egg United kingdom Hardboiled eggs, diced and mixed with mayonaisse and curry powder, between two slices of bread, sometimes with spinach or lettuce Grilled cottage cheese sandwich India Cottage cheese i.e. paneer, green chutney, with some butter and extra cheese Cutlet sandwich, Italian United States, Italy, Austria Especially popular where there are large populations of immigrant Italians, these cutlet sandwiches are made with breaded veal or chicken cutlets. They can be served with provolone cheese, long hots (chili peppers) or sauteed greens (spinach or broccoli raab). Sometimes they are served Parmesan style, with tomato sauce and mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Breaded cutlets (schnitzels, cotoletta, or escalope may have first appeared on the wider European culinary scene with the Napoleonic armies for conservation purposes. Napoleon offered a monetary reward to the person who developed a method to transport conserved food for a longer amount of time that then could be consumed unspoiled. Although the breading of meat concept was not the winner, it was a culinary development that was quickly adopted in northern Italy. The original Viennese schnitzel of breaded veal, pork, or chicken which originated in various forms beginning around the 17th century, was adapted to a roll sandwich in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (served with mayonnaise or mustard and lettuce). It did not transfer to American cuisine as its Italian relative did, but remains popular today throughout Central Europe. Dagwood Dagwood sandwich.jpg United States Multiple layers containing a wide variety of meats and condiments, named for Dagwood Bumstead of the comic strip Blondie. Deli Deli Sandwiches.jpg Germany, United States Sandwich usually ordered at a deli; choices include type of bread (toasted or untoasted,) type of meat (cold cut), type of sliced cheese, vegetable fillings (lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.), and condiments. Doner kebab Döner kebab.jpg Turkey Doner kebab is meat cooked on a vertical spit, normally veal or beef but also may be a mixture of these with lamb, and sometimes chicken. This may be served wrapped in a flatbread such as lavash or pita, or as a sandwich. Donkey burger Donkey burger.jpg China Chopped or shredded savory donkey meat in a bun, sold in Baoding, Hebei Province as street food, and also in high-end restaurants. Doughnut sandwich Doughwich.jpg United States A sandwich made with a doughnut instead of bread (can be made with fried chicken, bacon, ham, sausage, cheese, etc.) Dynamite Dynamite sandwich - 01.jpg United States (Woonsocket, Rhode Island) Made of ground beef, tomato sauces, spices and many onions and peppers. It is a popular food served at local family gatherings and fundraising benefits, usually made in large quantities. Dyrlægens natmad Ida Davidsen - Dyrlægens Natmad.jpg Denmark Made with a piece of dark rye bread, a layer of leverpostej, topped with a slice of salt beef and a slice of meat aspic, topped with raw onion rings and garden cress. Farroupilha Brazil (RS) Mortadella slices and cheese, into a French bread with butter inside, usually served split in two halves and paired with coffee or soda. Finger sandwich United Kingdom See tea sandwich Fischbrötchen Fischbroetchen 01 (fcm).jpg Germany
Switzerland Crusty bread rolls filled with fish (most commonly Bismarck or soused herring) and onions. Fool’s Gold Loaf Fool's Gold Loaf (8720348111).jpg United States (Colorado) Consists of a single warmed, hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with one jar of creamy peanut butter, one jar of grape jelly, and a pound of bacon. In 1976, Elvis Presley and some of his friends flew to Colorado to consume them.[17] Francesinha Francesinhacaseira.JPG Portugal Wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage, steak or other roast meat, topped with melted cheese, a hot thick tomato and beer sauce. Fried brain Brain sandwiches.jpg United States Sliced pork or calves’ brain, battered and deep-fried, on rye bread or hamburger bun, often served with pickles, raw onion, and mustard. Fruit Fruits Sandwich.jpg Global Fruit, often such as banana, fig or pineapple served on bread, often with mayonnaise in the United States. Ftira[18][19] Ftira mit Thunfisch in Marsaxlokk Nov 2014.JPG Malta Traditional Maltese sandwich[20] made on a large round piece of Maltese ftira bread, topped with tomato paste, tuna, capers, and red onions. Gatsby Root44 3 cropped.jpg South Africa Deli-style sandwich similar to the hoagie, often containing french fries, with other variations, prepared with masala steak, chicken, polony, Vienna sausages, calamari, fish, or chargrilled steak. Gua bao Steamed Sandwich,taken by LeoAlmighty.jpg China, Taiwan Fujianese sandwich consisting of a slice of stewed meat and other condiments sandwiched between flat steamed bread. Guajolota Guajolota.jpg Mexico (Mexico City) Tamale in a Mexican bolillo roll. A very common morning street food in Mexico City. It is also called torta de tamal. Guédille Canada (Québec) Hot-dog bread (usually not toasted) filled with a base of salad and mayonnaise that is completed by another ingredient from which the guédille will get its name. It can be anything, but the main ones are eggs, chicken, and tofu. Some very popular versions of the guédille are the lobster guédille and the crab guédille. Grillade Canada (Suroît, Québec) Sandwich aux grillades is a sandwich of thick unsalted flank bacon slices usually grilled on a cast-iron pan and dressed with yellow mustard, slices of raw onions and tomatoes. It is a local specialty of the Suroît, a small region South West of Québec. Gyro Pita giros.JPG Greece
Cyprus “Pita gyro” or “psomaki gyro”, depending on the type of bread used, includes meat roasted on a vertical spit, with tomato, potatoes, raw, often red onion and tzatziki sauce, wrapped in pita or sandwich bread. Hagelslag or vlokken Bolletje met chocoladevlokken.jpg The Netherlands Chocolate sprinkles or flakes usually served on buttered bread. Ham Kanapki (1).JPG Global (Such As France, United States, United Kingdom) May be accompanied by cheese or salad. Condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise, or pickle may be present. Ham and cheese Grilled ham and cheese 014.JPG United States
Global Common sandwich prepared with ham and sliced cheese. Additional ingredients may include lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and other ingredients. Ham and egg bun Chinesepastry HamandEgg.jpg Hong Kong Sliced Danish canned ham with sliced scrambled egg sheet in a halved sweet bun. Hamburger NCI Visuals Food Hamburger.jpg United States (America’s National dish) Ground beef patty, often with vegetables, sauces and other meats, usually on a round bun. A cheeseburger is also topped with cheese. Hamdog Australia Hot dog wrapped in a beef patty, deep-fried, then covered with chili, a few french fries, and a fried egg. Horseshoe RealHorseshoesandwich.jpg United States (Springfield, Illinois) Thick-sliced, toasted, open-faced sandwich, it usually contains hamburger patties or ham, but other meat, such as deep-fried pork tenderloin, grilled or fried chicken breast, and fried fish fillets, can be used. The meat is topped with French fries and covered with a cheese sauce. Hot dog Hot dog 3.jpg United States A hot dog is a food consisting of a grilled or steamed sausage served in the slit of a partially sliced bun. It can also refer to the sausage itself. The sausage used is a wiener or a frankfurter. Hot turkey[21][22][23] Dinner at Friendlys Restaurant Hot open turkey sandwich.jpg United States Often open-faced, sliced turkey on white bread drenched in turkey gravy, often served with mashed potatoes. These are sometimes served at Hofbrau-style restaurants. Indian taco Frybread taco.jpg United States Seasoned beef or beans topped with lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheese, and other condiments on Indigenous frybread, often folded. Italian Italian Salumi (coppa and mortadella).jpg United States Prepared on a long bread roll or bun with meats such as salami, mortadella and capicolla along with cheese, tomato, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Jam Fig jam.jpg United Kingdom Buttered bread, with fruit jam/conserve, normally eaten at lunchtime or as a quick snack, may also be eaten at breakfast or for tea. Jambon-beurre Sandwich jambon-beurre.jpg France French baguette with butter and ham. Also known as “Parisien,” it is the most popular sandwich in France. Kanapka Poland Any type of bread with all kinds of additions on it, like meats, cutlets, sausages and all varieties of cold meets, cheese, eggs, vegetables, it can be with butter, goose fat, or other soft spreadable, sweet version kanapka consists of butter and jam/ honey, sweet cheese, cream (and sugar). The open version kanapka consists of only one slice of bread or closed kanapka, with two slices. Most popular are “kanapka z maslem I szynka” (sandwich with bread and ham), “kanapka z serem” ( sandwich with butter and cheese),”k. z dzemem/ miodem” (with butter and jam/ honey), “kanapka wiosenna” (Spring sandwich with Spring vegetables and possible addition of ham and / or hardboiled egg). Kabuli burger Peshawar, Pakistan and Afghanistan A flat bread wrap with chips and sausage seasoned with salt, chili powder and curry sauce or ketchup. Khao Jee Pâté Laos Similar to Vietnam’s bánh mì, it is a street food prepared using pork liver pâté,[24] stuffed with pork or Lao sausage,[25] sliced papaya, carrots, shallots or onion, cucumber, cilantro and sometimes Jeow bong or chili sauce. Kokoretsi Kokoreç (6377124455).jpg Anatolia and Balkans and especially Greece Lamb or goat intestines, containing seasoned offal. Kottenbutter 2018-10-25-Kottenbutter-1064.jpg Germany Buttered brown bread with smoked pork sausage (Kottenwurst), fresh onion rings, and spicy mustard. Leberkäse Leberkäsesemmel.jpg Austria, Switzerland and southern Germany Meatloaf-like dish which, despite the name, may contain neither liver nor cheese. It is commonly served on a Kaiser roll with mustard or mayonnaise. Lettuce sandwich Shanghai lettuce wraps from Auburn Alehouse.JPG United States, United Kingdom A lettuce sandwich is a wrap with lettuce substituted for the bread, or a sandwich with a filling consisting primarily of lettuce. Mallorca de jamón y queso Kasalta 4.jpg Puerto Rico Similar to Ensaïmada covered with powdered sugar with ham and cheese. Marmalade United Kingdom White bread, butter and orange marmalade, popularized by the Paddington books by Michael Bond. Marmite Marmite and cheese on toast.jpg United Kingdom Marmite spread thinly with butter or margarine onto toast or bread. Martino[26] Belgium A demi-baguette with Filet américain (steak tartare) with pickles, chopped onions, tomatoes, tabasco and mustard or, alternatively, martino or Worcestershire sauce, and topped with anchovies. Some variations have lettuce and slices of boiled egg added. Meatball Mmm...Meatball sammich with asiago cheese (5193796566).jpg United States Meatballs in marinara sauce, with melted Parmesan or provolone cheese, on a long bun or section of Italian loaf. Might include Italian-style accompaniments such as bell peppers, basil, or Italian-dressed lettuce. Medianoche Sandwich de Medianoche.jpg Cuba Roast pork, ham, mustard, Swiss cheese, and dill pickles served on sweet bread. Melt Tuna melt sandwich with fries.jpg United States Generic sandwich containing a filling and a layer of cheese, grilled or fried until the cheese is melted. Mettbrötchen Mettbroetchen.jpg Germany Open sandwich consisting of a sliced bun, topped with Mett (seasoned minced raw pork without bacon), frequently with a garnish of raw onion rings or diced raw onion. Mezcla[27][28][29] Puerto Rico A tea sandwich made from blended Spam, cheese dip (sometimes cheddar and cream cheese), and pimiento peppers and other spices, on white bread. Often served at parties. Mitraillette Mitraillette.JPG Belgium French fries and fried meat with sauce on a demi-baguette. Mollete Mexico Open sandwich consisting of a bolillo roll topped with refried beans, cheese and peppers, and grilled. Montadito[30][31] Montadito de Salmón.jpg Spain & Portugal Small, usually grilled, and may contain a variety of fillings. Some bars offer a variety of 200 different types of these sandwiches.[

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] Montreal-style smoked meat Schwartz smoked meat montreal.JPG Canada Sandwich made from cured and smoked brisket with yellow mustard, usually on rye bread. Mortadella Mortadella sandwich 01.jpg Italy Any sandwich containing mortadella, a large Italian sausage. Mother-in-law Mother-in-Law Sandwich 01.jpg United States Hot dog bun containing a Chicago-style corn-roll tamale, topped with chili. Naan Naan burger, vegetarian.jpg India, Pakistan & Bangladesh Vegetables or beef on naan bread. Nutella sandwich[32] Nutella sandwich.jpg Italy Nutella or similar hazelnut-chocolate spread on sliced bread or a roll. Obložené chlebíčky Chlebicky.JPG Czech Republic Type of open sandwich served as an appetizer or snack. Pambazo PambazosDF.JPG Mexico Made with pambazo bread dipped in a red guajillo pepper sauce and filled with potatoes and chorizo. Pan-bagnat Pan-bagnat 1.jpg France Round bread (bread bagnats) topped with green salad, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, anchovies, cucumbers, fava beans, artichokes, green peppers, radishes, onions, basil, and black olives. Condiments may include garlic, vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Served chilled. Panini Italian Sandwich.jpeg Italy In Italy, panino is the word for a sandwich made from bread other than sliced bread, in which case Italians call it a tramezzino. Examples of bread types used are ciabatta, rosetta and baguette. The bread is cut horizontally and filled with deli ingredients such as salami, ham, cheese, mortadella, or other food, and is sometimes pressed by a warming grill. In the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, the term panini is used to refer to a long pressed and toasted sandwich; there is widespread availability and use of sandwich presses, often known as “panini presses.” Patso Patso.jpg Turkey A sandwich consists of french fries and condiments such as Ketchup and/or mayonnaise. Peanut butter and jelly Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Sandwich.jpg United States Jam is often used in place of jelly. Also known as a PB&J. PB&J may also be served with fresh fruit rather than jam, with thin sliced apples, pears, or bananas. Pebete El pebete de jamón y queso con tomate que desayuné esta mañana. (10102847543).jpg Argentina Simple Argentine sandwich, traditionally filled with cheese, cured meat, tomato, and mayonnaise. Pebete actually refers to the bread used for the sandwich – a soft oval bun with a spongy inside, and a thin toasted crust. Pepito Pepito de ternera Punk Bach.jpg Spain Steak sandwich that is common in Mexico and Venezuela. In Spain it usually also contains aioli. Pepper and egg, Italian Italy and the United States (in areas where there was a concentration of Italian immigrants). Sauteed Italian long hots, sliced (not diced) in olive oil, (garlic is optional), coated with scrambled eggs and cooked until the eggs are firm. Seasoned with salt and pepper and Parmesan or other hard (aged) cheese, such as Romano or Pecorino. Then the mixture is stuffed into an Italian-style roll or between two slices of Italian bread. This may also be served with sliced tomatoes. Pistolette United States (Louisiana) Stuffed and fried bread roll (sometimes called stuffed pistolettes) in the Cajun areas around Lafayette. This also refers to a type of submarine-shaped bread about half the size of a baguette that is popular in New Orleans for Vietnamese bánh mì and other sandwiches.[39] Pljeskavica Pljeskavica sandwich.jpg Balkans Patty dish popular in the Balkan region of Southeastern Europe, a sandwich utilizes the Pljeskavica patty and bread. Po’ boy Shrimppoboy.jpg United States Crusty long roll split and filled with cold cuts, roasted beef or fried seafood. The New Orleans analogue to the sub or hoagie. Porchetta Porchetta Sandwich.jpg Italy A sandwich made of roast pork with Italian-type spices such as rosemary, garlic, fennel and others in varying proportions. It is popular as street food (usually sold from white trucks) throughout central Italy. It was transplanted to America in the late 19th century by Italian immigrants and is known as the “roast” pork sandwich, very popular in the northeastern United States. In America it is often served with provolone cheese and “greens” which may be spinach or broccoli raab. Porilainen Porilainen.jpg Finland Half-inch slice of thick sausage, usually with diced red or sweet onion, sliced pickles, ketchup, mustard, and sometimes mayonnaise, on white bread. Pork chop bun Porkchopbun.jpg Macau Popular dish in Macau, the bun is extremely crisp outside and very soft inside, containing a freshly fried pork chop. Pork roll sandwich Pork roll egg cheese sand readytoeat.JPG United States (New Jersey) Pork roll still is the predominant term in South Jersey, but in the northern part of the state it is “Taylor Ham”.[40] It is grilled pork roll served several ways. This can be served with a fried egg, or a fried egg with cheese. Variations include serving with grilled pork roll and cheese or just grilled pork roll. Although classically served on a kaiser roll, bread variations include bagels, English muffins, or other breads. Prego Prego no prato at Cafe Vianna Braga (5711629526).jpg Portugal These steaks flavored with onions and red wine are called prego (nailed) steaks because a small meat mallet is typically used to nail the garlic slices into the steak. The marinade is red wine based and includes onions, the aforementioned garlic, chilies, bay leaf, parsley, oregano, ground black pepper and olive oil. The steak is grilled and placed in Portuguese rolls called carcaças. A reduced marinade based sauce is drizzled over the meats. Primanti Primanti Bros at PNC Park.jpg United States (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Selection of grilled meats topped with french fries, coleslaw, and tomato on Italian bread. Pudgy pie[41] United States Sandwich made in a pan, with margarine on the outside, and either savory, with pizza sauce and other fillings on the inside, or sweet containing pie filling. The term “pudgy pie” is sometimes used to refer to pie irons, a gadget used for campfire cooking.[42][43] Pulled pork Pulled pork BBQ sandwich.jpg Southern United States Barbecue sandwich in which pork (usually shoulder) is smoked slowly at a low temperature until the meat becomes tender enough that it can be “pulled” or shredded with two forks. The pork is served on a bun and often topped with barbecue sauce and vinegar- or mayonnaise-based coleslaw depending on the region. Rachel[45] Mmm... hot pastrami makes it a "Rachel" (8590628772).jpg United States A Reuben with pastrami instead of corned beef and coleslaw instead of sauerkraut. Roast turkey is sometimes used as the meat. Roti bakar Roti bakar rasa strawberry lan coklat.jpg Indonesia Toasted white bread with a filling such as butter, jam, chocolate spread, cheese, or other (generally sweet) fillings. Roti john Roti John - served.jpg Southeast Asia
Malaysia Basic ingredients are eggs, chopped onions, sambal paste, salt, and pepper, cooked as an omelette with the bread added on top before it’s fully cooked. Many variations include canned sardines, chicken, beef, or mutton. Garnished with mayo, chili sauce, and cheese. Rou jia mo Roujiamo.jpg China Stewed pork, chopped finely, and stuffed in mo, a kind of flatbread. Ruisleipä Winning combination.png Finland Sandwich made of traditional Finnish dark rye, buttered, with lettuce, hard-boiled egg, pickles, tomato, and choice of cheese and meat (typically pork). Known colloquially as “The Winning Combination.” Runza Runza 01.jpg United States Bun filled with a mixture of (usually) loose meat, cabbage, and cheese. The fillings are baked inside the bread, similar to a kolache. Popular in the Midwestern United States, especially Nebraska. Sabich Sabich.jpg Israel Pita stuffed with fried aubergine, sliced hard boiled egg, tahini sauce and Israeli salad, among other ingredients. Sándwich de milanesa Sándwich de milanesa tucumano.jpg Southern Cone (Argentina & Uruguay) Type of sandwich eaten in Argentina and Uruguay. Mainly a large schnitzel with lettuce and sliced tomato, sometimes with added sliced boiled egg, and mayonnaise. Usually but not exclusively the bread is a white baton or a short baguette type of bread. Pictured is a sándwich de milanesa from Tucumán. Sandwiches de miga Sandwiches de Miga.jpg Argentina Made with single-, double-, or triple-layered, buttered, very thin white bread with crust removed, toasted or un-toasted, containing thinly sliced meat, as well as eggs, cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce, olives, and sometimes other vegetables. Similar to the British finger sandwiches for afternoon tea, but the bread layers are thinner. Salt beef bagel Salt beef bagel.jpg United Kingdom Corned beef served in a bagel, sometimes with English mustard and pickles. Sausage Italian Sausage Sandwich.jpg United Kingdom and Germany Sausage on a roll or bread, served with a variety of sauces and toppings. Sausage, pepper, and onion sub/hoagie Northeast (United States) Sausage grilled with green bell peppers and onions in a long roll or half of a baguette. Cheese is sometimes melted on top of the sausage and vegetables. Condiments can vary from marinara sauce to mustard. Schmitter[47] Schmitter.jpg United States (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) The Schmitter is a steak (beef) sandwich but not a cheesesteak. It was developed at McNally’s Tavern in Chestnut Hill in the 1960s in response to a favored sandwich of a friend and co-worker of the proprietor’s husband. It is named after Schmidt’s beer with which it was served. The filling consists of grilled beef steak and onions topped with grilled cooked or cotto salami, American cheese and tomato. It is topped with a sauce consisting of mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce served on a kaiser roll. Sealed crustless Smucker's Uncrustable Cut - Day 26 of 100 Project (8126561088).jpg United States The filling in this sandwich is sealed between two layers of bread by a crimped edge and has the crust subsequently removed. A popular variety in the United States is peanut butter and jelly. This type of sandwich is mass-produced by The J. M. Smucker Company under the brand name “Uncrustables”. Shawarma Flickr - cyclonebill - Shawarma (1).jpg The Levant
Arab world
Middle East Flatbread with meat (traditionally lamb) cooked on a vertical spit. Additional fillings include vegetables such as tomato, cucumbers, onions, and pickles, and a sauce, often yogurt- or tahini-based. Shooter’s sandwich Shooter's sandwich.jpg United Kingdom Prepared by filling a hollowed-out long loaf of bread with cooked filet mignon steak, cooked mushrooms, salt and pepper.[48][49] Shuco Guatemala Dry hot dog bun containing guacamole, sliced cabbage, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. It’s usually served with a sausage, but it can also be ordered with churrasco or adobado beef. Chopped onions and a variety of hot sauces are also available for the sandwich. Slider Dungeness crab and shrimp cake sliders (Los Gatos Brewing Company).jpg United States A miniature hamburger about three inches in diameter, but may also contain other toppings Sloppy joe Sloppy Joe "homemade".jpg United States Ground meat, usually beef, cooked with seasoned tomato sauce and served on a round bun. Sloppy joe (New Jersey) Our Sloppy Joe sandwich at the Maplewood Deli & Grille in New Jersey.JPG United States Triple-decker rye bread sandwich made with one or more types of sliced deli meat, such as turkey, ham, pastrami, corned beef, roast beef, or sliced beef tongue, along with Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing. Smørrebrød Smørrebrød at Kastrup IMG 8275 C.JPG Denmark Open-faced, buttered dark rye bread with cold cuts, pieces of meat or fish, cheese, or spreads. Souvlaki Souvlaki sandwich.jpg Greece Sizzling skewer of pork, or chicken roasted, shaved off the spit, and marinade ranging from hot barbecue to sweet, all laid out on a rolled pita bread, sprinkled with the choice of lettuce, tomato, cheese, red onion, and oregano, and doused with tzatziki sauce. Spaghetti Spaghetti sandwich.jpg Australia Prepared with cooked spaghetti, sauce and bread. Spatlo Spatlo01.jpg South Africa A hollowed out quarter loaf of bread, filled with a variety of ingredients such as chips, cheese, polony and atchar.[50][51] The sandwich is also known as a kota.[50][52][53] Specials, Deli sandwiches Mid-Atlantic, United States “Specials” refer to cold deli sandwiches such as the corned beef special, the roast beef special or the turkey special. These are made with the appropriate meat served together with coleslaw and thousand island dressing on Jewish rye bread. Steak burger Steak burger with cheese and onion rings.jpg United States Typically prepared with ground, sliced or minced beefsteak meat. Additional meats are also used. Submarine/Sub/Baguette Hoagie Hero Sub Sandwich.jpg United States Generic sandwich served on a long French or Italian roll which may contain a wide variety of sliced meats, vegetables, and condiments, including lettuce, tomato, sweet peppers, onions, olives, and mushrooms. Also known regionally as a hero, a hoagie, a grinder, or a zep, among other names. In the United Kingdom it is named a baguette, after the French bread used to make it. Tavern Maid-Rite loose meat sandwich.jpg United States Common in Iowa, consists of a mixture of unseasoned ground beef and sauteed onions, sometimes topped with pickles, ketchup, and mustard, on a bun. Toast Hawaii Toast Hawaii RZ.jpg Germany Slice of toast with ham, a maraschino cherry in the middle of a pineapple slice, and cheese, grilled from above, so the cheese starts to melt. Tomato United States Sliced, salted tomatoes on white bread (or toast) with mayonnaise. Torta Tortamex.jpg Mexico Mexican roll (either telera or bolillo) spread with mayo or refried beans and stuffed with various sliced meats, cheeses, vegetables (usually tomatoes, onions and avocado) and choice of pickled jalapeños or chipotle peppers. It can either be made ahead and tightly wrapped for a packed lunch or (if made to order) grilled on both sides with some butter. Torta ahogada Torta ahogada.jpg Mexico (Guadalajara) Birote bread (similar to bolillo) filled with “carnitas” (deep-fried pork), shredded chicken or other meats, beans and cheese. The torta is then dipped in a very hot tomato and dried chile de árbol sauce and topped with pickled sliced onions. Tramezzino Tramezzino 01.jpg Italy Triangular white bread with the crusts removed, with fillings such as tuna and olive and prosciutto, served in Italian bars throughout the day. Trancapecho[58] TRANCAPECHO.jpg Bolivia Slice of breaded meat, fried potatoes, a fried egg, rice, and salad (tomatoes, onions, and locotos) between two slices of bread. Tripleta[59][60][61] Puerto Rico There are numerous variations of this sandwich, but all include three kinds of grilled meat – usually beef, pork, and chicken – on toasted pan de agua (a Puerto Rican bread similar to Italian bread), generally topped with lettuce, onion, tomato, mayonnaise, ketchup, and shoestring potatoes. Tuna Tuna olive and avocado sandwich.jpg United States Usually made with tuna salad, which may include mayonnaise, sweetcorn, cucumber, or celery. Other common variations include the tuna boat and tuna melt. Turkey Devonshire Hot Brown Kurtz.jpg United States Hot open-faced sandwich on toasted bread with hot turkey, bacon, tomatoes, and a cheese sauce. Turkey Korbel Champagne Cellars - Stierch - April 2019 05.jpg United States Usually made with smoked turkey, it can also have other ingredients and condiments, such as cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mayonnaise, and mustard. Vegetable 120px Vegetable Sandwich Mumbai Style India Popular in Mumbai as a street food, it is made with Western style bread and is usually toasted. The main ingredients are a spicy green chutney spread, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and a spicy potato filling made with chaat masala or a similar spice mix. Other ingredients sometimes included are cooked beetroot and cheese. The sandwich is a popular student lunch.[63][64] Wrap Smoked chicken and avocado wrap.jpg United States
Canada Meats, cheeses, and vegetables served in a wrap. Wurstbrot (sausage bread) Sandwich wurstbrot-wurstbroetchen 2871.JPG Germany and Austria Simple and common German or Austrian sandwich prepared with thin slices of lunch meat or sausage, sometimes buttered. Variations include the addition of cheese or pickle slices. Yakisoba-pan Yakisoba sandwich by kaex0r.jpg Japan Hot dog bun stuffed with fried noodles, frequently topped with pickles, such as beni shōga, with mayonnaise. Zapiekanka Polish "Zapiekanka".jpg Poland Open-face sandwich on halved baguette or other long roll, usually topped with sautéed mushrooms, cheese, ham or other meats, and vegetables. Toasted until cheese melts and served hot with ketchup. Zsíroskenyér Zsíros kenyér, 3.jpg Hungary Lard on white bread, usually topped with white or red onion slices and sprinkled with salt and paprika. Kumru picture of a kumru sandwich containing egg and cheese Turkey Turkish sandwich featuring pre-griddled cheese on a special bun enriched with chickpea flour. Kumru translates to “turtledove” in Turkish.

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[Review] 72 tư thế quan hệ tình dục phê không tưởng có hình ảnh sống động